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    Everyone is interested in profiting from markets, but how many of us have the time to do the research required and get online at any given time to make a trade.  We have busy lives and better things to do than study charts and read economic news for hours.  Some trading signal providers make us wait for an email or text message telling us we have to get online and make a trade.  Who can manage their lives to get signals at all hours and jump online to make the trade?  Besides, the buying and selling is just a small part of being successful as a trader. 

    If you are interested trading but you can't sacrifice your daily life to this activity we have a better way. 

    What do we do?

    Our expertise is longer term trading which means often holding an instrument for weeks and months.  Taking a position for fundamental and technical reasons and keeping it until the premise for the trade either fails or succeeds as expected.  Moving averages, support/resistance lines, economics are all factors helping to determine the trade.  Every week we publish these plans in a weekly magazine we call the Trader's Call.

    Want to give a try?  A try means getting our weekly magazine including our trades, technical and fundamental commentary. 

    Right now we are so excited to bring this publication to market we want everyone to try it.  Since longer-term trading takes time, we are releasing this publication in a limited quantity through a beta program to those who show a commitment to using the signals.  If you apply and are accepted you are required to share a record of your trades 
    every week.  You can use a real or demo account as long as you email in a copy of your trading record from your broker.  If there is a signal you don't want to take provide a plausible explanation.  We want to see you are using the signals and we want your feedback of the overall experience.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Want to learn more?  We've prepared a detailed guide including a sample of the Traders Call so you can understand how our methodology works and what to expect if you are accepted into the program.

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