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Why a Sea Lion?

Years ago I visited an aquarium featuring a sea lion show. The animals were so smart and entertaining we all enjoyed the show enormously.   Having seen them, I was curious to learn more about them, and with the help of Google, I learned how they feed themselves.

They enter coastal waters searching for a variety of small fish, swallow the food whole, and repeat this process many times.  Their chief predator is the shark or killer whale who will wait patiently for the sea lion to enter the water and attack the sea lion.  This process reminded me very much of my idea of trading and what I want to do with signals.

Like the sea lion, I enter the treacherous waters of the markets with the intention of “feeding’ and escaping before a shark detects me. My trading strategy has many facets, and one important one includes entering the market when it is full of fish and leaving when the market has dried up.  I never want to stay in too long and be a shark victim. 

With this idea in mind, the name Sea Lion Capital Management LLC sounded good to me, and I named my company.  I am glad I did.