Forex Forecast EURGBP Reversal Begins
08.21.19 12:12 PM - Comment(s)
The Euro has broken and will potentially retest important support and resistance levels soon. Look at these weekly charts and prepare for the coming trade setups!
07.09.19 11:12 PM - Comment(s)
Australian Dollar testing long term lows in this forex forecast.
07.07.19 11:11 PM - Comment(s)
Current Technical State: Bullish

Nearest Support Level:1.70

Nearest Resistance Level: 1.74

Support & Resistance

Price rose above prior resistance now support at 1.70. Next target is 1.74.  Weekly candle of May 13th breakout above 1.70 was very bullish.

Last Confirmed Candlestick Pattern

The Bulli...

05.27.19 08:41 PM - Comment(s)

Closed a weekly trade for a loss this week on $CHFJPY.  The Franc is often a tough currency to be bullish on however I was looking for the ascending triangle and for the early February bottom to hold.   Entering on 4/7 at 111.71 I closed the trade on 4/21 at 110.30 taking a 141 pip lo...

04.23.19 09:48 PM - Comment(s)