• An open letter from Alan Posner,

    Founder & President of Sea Lion Capital Management LLC:


    Thanks for taking a moment and visiting the website.  I am proud of the service I provide, and it's exciting to share my perspective on this business with you.  Trading is a superb opportunity for anyone looking to invest or trade discretionary funds.  Even individuals with small account sizes can trade and try to make their money work for them.  This opportunity is what put me in trading and has kept me there for many years.

    Unfortunately, this industry is full of scam artists:

    1.  Signal providers promising triple-digit monthly returns in getting quick rich schemes

    2. Software than can trade your account “auto-magically” into triple digit monthly returns.

    3.  Brokers who act unethically with your trades and make withdrawals impossible and expensive.

    4.  I could go on for a while….

    Here is my message to you:

    Have realistic expectations.  If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

    Select a signal provider who publishes their trade history.

    Give it a try.  Trading is hard.  Spending a few dollars and watching someone else trade can be very worthwhile.  You may find the experience very educational and possibly financially rewarding.

    What about paying a school that teaches trading?  From what I can tell they don’t teach anything you can’t find online for free.  There is no substitute for “on the job training.”  Learn the basics (which I provide here in my Resources section), open a brokerage account (demo account is a good way to start) and start trading.  Use our signals to learn from and try to make money.

    The market is an excellent teacher and losses are your tuition.  There is so much more to trading than just how to read a chart.  Get involved, commit to improving, and with diligence, you will succeed.  Signals can help.

    Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to serving you.


    Alan Posner

    Founder & President

    Sea Lion Capital Management LLC

    P.S.  Why name the company after a Sea Lion?  Learn why here.