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2018 Detailed Trading Results >>

2018 Detailed Trading Results

These results are updated weekly.   For a detailed explanation of how to read the results please see below.

2018 Detailed Trading Results 

How to read the results:

1. The columns are self explanatory if you understand my trading method.  If you aren't familiar with the trading method you can learn more about it at this link.

2.  The colors reflect the relationship between the trades.  Only when the complete position is closed are the pips recorded as complete.  If a Full position is opened and later closed the trades are recorded in white.  Only if the position was opened as a Full position and closed in Halves will colors be used.  The colored rows make it easy to track the positions as they close over time.  No trade is recorded until the entire position is closed.   The average pips closed of the two trades will be used to calculate the result of the entire position.

For example:

A Full position is opened on EUR/USD

2 Weeks later half the position is recorded for a 60 pip gain

1 Week after the initial closing trade the second half is closed for a 40 pip gain

The trade is recorded as a 50 pip gain

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